To inculcate, to extract, to aggravate & to rouse the essence & brilliance of humanity in conformity with Swami Vivekananda’s “Be & Make” theory to the youth and children, our humble endeavour is projected to create an ambience for the upliftment & encouragement to acquire, establish, start, aid & management of the libraries & schools for achieving the beneficiary goal-effect of the students & the public.

For social, cultural & environmental development our efforts are in orientation to promote for the prosecution to farther studies in scientific & technical education for the needy students & to gain momentum organise debates, sit & draw, seminars etc.

The organisation is assigned to hold English Awareness & Skill Test – (EAST) through out the nation to inculcate & inspire students in the field of English and to grow their excellence in the same.

We have just started our holy journey; all of us with our whole hearted inspiration are required for its respiration and glow.


ASCEND feels immense pleasure to declare that for the development and enhancement of the students’ interest in the arena of English language, the organisation has been arranging English Awareness & Skill Test – (EAST) through out the nation. One can’t aspire to reach the highest level, if proficiency in English is not acquired. To help achieve this proficiency, ASCEND has suggested class wise syllabi and questionnaire for the enhancement in the field of English. An appearing school student must interact with society including experienced teacher & visionaries.

Before arriving in the battle field of competition in the arena of education, research & training i.e. in the struggle of every step of existence of life, one must acquire knowledge and skill in English along with wisdom in a particular domain; so that he can keep abreast of the latest.


  • The Student Welfare Fund will be continued in the forthcoming years. Through this fund, arrangement may also be made for distribution of Books & lump sum money. Very needy students will have to be cautiously search out for this purpose. 
  • Student Welfare Fund which was constituted in an emergent situation need to be reinforced forthwith keeping in view ASCEND mission to help destitute students to take forward steps in the arena of higher education.
  • The Poor Welfare Fund is constituted with immediate effect and poorest of the poor students get assistance with dresses during the seasonal festival.
  • The English Awareness & Skill Test (EAST) organized by ASCEND has been running since 2009.